16 x 200watt LED PARcan mounted on 4 stands , 8 x  180watt totally silent LED PARcan mounted in pairs on 4 stands. All lights with WiFi DMX receivers 

4 x EQUINOX FUSION 50 MOVING HEAD LED PAR,floor mounted with full WiFi DMX Control, produce moving or static Colour Wash

UPLIGHTING - 8 LEDJ SLIMLINE totally silent. Daisy Chained WiFi DMX control with full Colour range  

By preference  haze is used to make the Beams from the Lighting Fixtures visible. Unfortunately even though the particles in the haze are water based, they can trigger certain types of fire alarm sensors,  and the use of haze is governed by the Venue and its policy in this matter

Image projection using ultra short throw DLP projector, driven by a Raspberry Pi media server under full WiFi DMX control, to provide graphical loops to match lighting, cues or logos appropriate to your Event


All lights under DMX control using  Windows 10  on a Touch Screen Laptop running Freestyler DMX Software  relayed via WiFi DMX